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This natural beauty

The world is like a big garden

Ancre 1
Ancre 2
Ancre 3

The world is like a big garden

If you want to feel peace, be peace.

If you want to experience love, be love.

If you want to sense kindness, be kindness.

The transformation starts with you

Through your true-self.

It plants the same seed in your neighbour

Through this beautiful door

The door of mirroring

By observing.

These wonderful seeds will grow

Until they naturally flow

Throughout humanity

and with humility

In order to connect

with Mother Earth and with respect.

The world is like a big garden

Waiting to be transformed...

Transformed into a heaven.

Humanity is awakening and transforming

Opening its eyes to this big reality

Made of harmony and authenticity.

Air, earth, fire, water have a spirit

Which needs to be respected and protected.

If we listen carefully

To the mountain, the river, and the tree,

We can feel the vibration and energy

Coming from this natural beauty.

Their souls are abundantly powerful

That's why with mindfulness

We can hear their guidance

Through love, faith and patience. 

Playing and laughing

Listening and learning

Growing and flowing

Imagination and self-expression

Creation and transformation

Experimentation and self-expression

Caring and sharing

Understanding and respecting

Tolerance and balance

Wildness and mindfulness

Consciousness and gratefulness

Dreaming and believing

Collaborating and empowering

Enlightening and loving

They are all key

To live in harmony

With the earth and humanity

Feeling happy and free.

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