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Who is it for?


Then you are in the right place! Whatever your profile, job, nationality, age, background or inclinations, the coaching that I offer is individually tailored to suit you. Everybody is equally beautiful in their own way.

If you:

           are transitioning in your life

           are facing challenges

           are feeling stuck or lost

           are having doubts or hesitations

           have a specific goal that you would like to achieve

           want to get clarity

If you are open-minded, committed and motivated, you are ready for this enlightening experience. These three feelings are the keys to a meaningful journey.

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Which areas can we focus on?




   Purpose and meaning of life


   Goal setting

   Life balance


   Personal development

   Stress reduction

   Decision making

   Time management

   Gaining clarity

   Self-esteem and confidence


Whatever topics you want to explore, you will benefit and learn through this coaching experience.

Your mind is like a tree. To understand how your fruits and flowers have been made, we will explore your environment to reveal what triggered your current state. Then we will move to  the present and next steps to ensure the tree continues to grow and flourish. You will be the light and I will be the water.

It is important to mention that Transformational Coaching focuses on the change that you will create. This change can, and will happen, when you are ready to experience it. Only you can decide when you are ready. You are responsible for the change that you create, and I am there to support you.

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What does transformation mean for you?

During this journey of discovery, anything can happen. You might get emotional, you could feel challenged, scared or energised. You might feel your self-esteem increase, develop more love for yourself or have a more positive outlook on life (and so much more!) This is why the safe environment of the sessions that I create is vital. I will be supporting you every step of the way. You will have my full attention and focus.

You will learn to breakdown your thoughts and the patterns that you might have. You will also learn to analyse them to better understand the components of your current challenge. I will reflect back on them and  provide some tools which will facilitate the transformation. 

Through this whole exploration, you will discover your values and beliefs which will bring clarity and encourage you to move forward in your life allowing you to feel happier and more fulfilled!

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