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Feel free to have a look below at what my clients say about their Coaching Journey.

Life coaching truly was a life changing experience for me. With the help of my coach, Marika, I was able to get out of the rut I was stuck in and begin to move forward toward positively actualising my goals. I have gained so much clarity from the experience and could not recommend it more!

- Louise, UK

Working with Marika has been a fantastic experience. She has helped me to have insights into many areas of my life and identify things that have been holding me back. Marika has helped to push me out of the comfort zone and into the stretch zone moving me towards my goals and dreams. Marika is an excellent coach and I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to make progress towards their goals.

- Terry, UK

The work with Marika is really professional and soft. I was really looking forward my weekly meeting! We all get lost or confused at some point in our life, having Marika to help me to clear up my thoughts and get back some confidence was a gift! So do not hesitate to give a try all you risk is to feel better! 

- Nadège, France

Marika did a great job of helping me to navigate a confusing set of priorities in my complicated career. During our sessions I learned to better understand myself, what I want from life and how to set an overall goal to build around. She also helped me to acknowledge the successes I have already had, rather than focusing too much on the work that I need to do next, which made my day to day life much more satisfying!

- Ashley, UK

The collaboration with Marika through this coaching helped me to take a step back to re-evaluate my goals and realise what I most want to improve in my life. This collaboration also helped me to identify my strengths and made me feel empowered and confident. I am now more focused on my goals and working towards them.

- Sofia, Finland

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