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What is Transformational Coaching?

Transformational Coaching is an enlightening journey which helps you to move forward in your life through self-exploration, awareness and empowerment.

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What is my philosophy?

I am a believer. I believe in people. I believe each human being is unique and there is beautiful potential in all of us. I also believe in the power of love, love within ourselves.

To me, 'failure' and 'mistake' are notions which do not exist. We are the best version of ourselves in each moment.

Life only offers opportunities, opportunities to grow, and coaching is an excellent tool for that. Life is to be experienced, and a fulfilled life mixes passion, flow... and balance. My coaching supports people who want to make the best out of their lives.

How do I coach?

My coaching style is based on the person centred approach. I actively listen, and  I gently challenge you using powerful questions to help you connect with yourself and create a path that works for you. It is important to mention that this is a non-advisory and non-judgmental method.

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I use the power of positive psychology, emotional intelligence and existential coaching as these often help bring the most out of our sessions. I also practice mindfulness which helps you relax, clear your mind and create self-awareness by focussing on the present moment through guided meditation. This specific coaching technique can be included as an optional extra. Each client is different but all of you are responsible for the change that can be created. During each session, I will allow you to be yourself and give you the space that you need to feel truly comfortable.

The sessions last 60 minutes and can take place face-to-face (Tahoe, CA, USA), by phone, or by Zoom for international clients. During sessions my conduct is always professional and respectful and I ask that you also behave respectfully. Each journey starts with a free 30 minute  phone/Zoom consultation to understand your needs, establish if coaching is right for you, and answer any questions you might have. I am very flexible and always available by email or text in order to better serve you.

Building trust is key to achieving a change through our collaboration. For this reason, complete honesty, confidentiality, and ethical practice are all an integral part of my coaching framework. My values are love, kindness and authenticity which are also present in my work.

People say about me that I am naturally positive, cheerful, trustworthy, calming, hopeful, enthusiastic and you might feel it in my coaching so be ready for it!

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